Savaari Movie Review, Rating

Savaari Movie Review, Rating
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Star Cast: Nandu, Priyanka Sharma
Director: Sahith Mothkuri
Producer: Santosh Mothkuri, Nishank Reddy Kuditi
Run Time: 2 Hrs 22 Minutes
Release date: February 7th, 2020


Nandu who is popular as a character artist has turned into lead actor with the movie Savaari. The film has attracted audiences with its impressive trailer and songs. Let us see if the movie lives up to its expectations.

What about story ?

Raju (Nandu) is happy go lucky guy who lives in slum. He has a horse with the name Baadshah who is his livelihood. He uses Baadshah as Savari in marriages. Unfortunately, Baadshah has a heart problem and for the operation, he starts saving money. But at the same time he meets Priya (Priyanka Sharma) who loves him. After few scenes he reciprocates the love. But loving Priya brings unwanted troubles to Raju. What are they? How are they connected to Baadshah? Who is Priya actually? How Nandu solves all his problems is the remaining part of the film.

How about On-Screen Stars performance ?

Nandu has done many roles in his career but definitely his performance in Savaari stands out. He will go a notch higher in terms of performance. He has justified director’s vision completely. Irrespective of the cinema result, Nandu will be recognized as a good performer with this movie. Priyanka is just okay in her role. In some scenes she did well while in other she is not so okay. Shiva did well. Others are fine.

How about off Screen Talents ?

Cinematograhy and music stands out apart from remaining departments. Monish Bhupathiraju’s camera work is impressive. Music by Sekhar Chandra is outstanding. Every song is good to hear. However they could be shot better. Editing by Santosh could have been better. Movie is slow in pace and many unwanted scenes comes and go in the movie.

Sahith Mothkuri has handled Story, Dialogues, Screenplay and Direction departments. Apart from direction, he has failed in every other department. Story is ages old, only change is that horse has been added to give new dimension. Screenplay is routine and dialogues are not worth mentioning. His attempt in dark comedy fails too.

What’s Hot ?

  • Nandu’s performance
  • Monish Bhupathiraju’s visuals
  • Sekhar Chandra’s music

What’s Not ?

  • Everything else


Savaari is one such film which is attractive by its trailer but is boring as a complete movie. Boring scenes, routine screenplay, not so interesting narration makes the movie a tedious watch. Apart from that horse backdrop there is nothing new to offer and that backdrop isn’t impressive either.

Immediate reaction at Intermission: OMG! Still we have to bear second half

Immediate reaction at end credits: Ufff! Thank God, the movie has finally ended

Watch or Not?: Would you dare to, after reading all the warnings!

Box Office Status:

Thanks to the trailer, Savaari will get decent openings. But with the content they have in hand, it will be extremely difficult to sustain. Rating: 1.5/5

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Savaari second half report:

Movie becomes predictable through out the second half. Though some emotional scenes regarding Baadshah and Nandu worked out to some extent, rest is routine to the core. A very badly exectuted film. Stay tuned for the review

01.00 P.M: Movie finally comes to an end with hero, heroine meet each other

12.55 P.M: Villain gang again kidnaps Nandu and Baadshah

12.50 P.M: Few emotional scenes are going on which haven’t worked well. Nandu gives Baadshah money to heroine’s father.

12.35 P.M: Baadshah stunts in the set are nice. Time for the song Savaari Jai Savaari which is shot well

12.25 P.M: Time-lapse song on Baadshah stunt sets is good to watch

12.20 P.M: Baadshah has a problem in heart. So hero saves some money for his operation. Heroine now gives training to Baadshah to perform some feats in order to get more money for his operation. These scenes are conceived well.

12.10 P.M: Another love montage song Undipovva Nuvvila is on which is very nice.

12.05 P.M: Finally Nandu finds out his horse and takes her to his slum. Villains have no idea about it.

12.00 P.M: Second half starts with Nandu searching for his Baadshah.

First half report:

Movie so far is very boring with regular scenes. Love story is routine and nothing much to say. Songs are nice. Second half will decide the fate of the movie.

11.45 A.M: Movie comes to interval with some confusion from Kali gang. They ends up kidnapping other guy thinking as Nandu and his horse Baadshah

11.32 A.M: Finally some movement in the story. Heroine’s past boy friend gives supari to Kali to kidnap Nandu

11.25 A.M: Film is moving on a dull note so far with nothing much happening. Story is yet to take off.

11.20 A.M: Time for another love song Baavunde

11.12 A.M: TNR gets introduced as Kali. He is in search of Kali, a dreaded gangster

11.08 A.M: Super Song hit of Savaari is on now which was shot in slum area. Song is good

11.02 A.M: Nandu after trying hard catches the horse

11.00 A.M: Nandu takes the horse for Savari to heroine marriage. But as heroine doesn’t like the marriage, she escapes from the marriage On horse..

10.50 A.M: Nandu gets introduced in a slum area. He is the Savari (Horse Rider)

10.48 A.M: Movie opens with horse running on the roads. Horse name is Baadshah and it is narrating the story. Rahul Ramakrishna’s voice over for Baadshah

10.45 A.M: Savaari with the run time of 1 hour 42 minutes has just now started

Nandu after a long time is playing the lead role in the movie Savaari. The movie has raised enough expectations with a super hit song and interesting promos. Savaari hit the screens today. Let us see how the movie is.

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