Milk gets costlier than petrol in Pakistan

In the major cities of Pakistan, the price of milk has reached Rs. 140 per litre, shocking the public. As milk is one of the major essentials of the Muharram festival, the traders found it as the right time to hike the price of milk. Shockingly, both petrol and diesel were cheaper than milk in Pakistan.

It was just two days ago, the petrol was sold at Rs. 133 per litre, diesel at Rs. 91 per litre in Pakistan, but milk touched Rs. 140 a litre in few parts of the country like Karachi and Sindh.

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Several Muslims of Pakistan engage in setting up the Sabeels (stalls) to offer milk, juice and cold water to those who are taking part in the holy month’s processions. So as the demand for milk is huge, the prices have been increased.

Reportedly, Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani, who is responsible for controlling the price of milk, sounded helpless regarding the huge hike in the prices of milk. Shockingly, even the official price of milk set by the Commissioner Office is Rs 94 a litre.