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Rajinikanth’s Darbar Movie Review

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Star Cast: Rajinikanth, Nayantara, Nivetha Thomas, Sunil Shetty, Prateek Babbar
Director: AR Murugadoss
Producer: Kalaipuli S Thanu
Run Time: 2 Hrs 39 Minutes
Release date: 9th January 2020

Super Star Rajinikanth after a string of low scoring films has now came up with a cop story Darbar which is directed by AR Murugadoss. The combination itself has raised many expectations. Will Rajini score a memorable hit or will it be another passable entertainer? Well, check out the review.

Story About..

Bad cop Aditya Arunachalam (Rajinikanth) doesn’t care about any laws and is a mission to eradicate drug mafia and women trafficking. He goes against the system in a case. Aditya arrests Vicky Malhotra (Prateek Babbar) in a case. After a few twists and turns Hari Chopra (Sunil Shetty) enters the scene and targets Aditya Arunachalam. Why is he targeted? Why did Aditya behave as a bad cop? What happened to him in the past? What is the personal loss he faced? Watch the movie for the answers.

On Screen Stars

Rajinikanth has done what he do usually. His vintage mark mannerisms, actions are like a feast for the fans. He is super active in the film. It is very good to see Rajini as a bad cop who goes against the system for the society’s good. There are Rajini mark moments which will give goosebumps. He is impressive in emotional scenes too.

After Rajini, Nivetha steals the show. She has got a role to perform and does the best. Her acting in emotional sequences are good. Nayantara hasn’t got any meaty role but did justice to her character. Sunil Shetty too got less screen presence but he is okay as the menacing villain. Prateek Babbar is fine too. Yogi Babu brought some laughs here and there. Rest did as required.

Off Screen Talents

Cinematography stands out in the technical department. Frame quality is super rich and visuals are stunning. Rajini’s makeup needs special mention. He looks younger than his previous films and this looks suits him the best. Music by Anirudh is just average. But it is his back ground music that needs special mention. His BGM worked in favour for elevation scenes. Especially the rap he used is extra ordinary. Editing should have been crisp as second half feels bit dragged. Emotional connect is not there. Story by Murugadoss is ages old but he tried it to narrate with the help of Rajini mania. It did worked for an extent. However if the emotional connect is established properly, then the film would go on another level. Nevertheless, Murugadoss direction for most part clicked. Production values are excellent.

What’s Hot:

– Rajinikanth, Nivetha Thomas performances
– First 20 Minutes of Flash back
– Transgender song and fight
– Elevation scenes
– Background score

What’s Not

– Old Story
– Slow pace in second half
– Weak emotional episode in second half


Overall Darbar is another film that depends purely on Rajini mania. It will satisfy both the audiences for police thriller genre and super star fans. While the first half is good, second half lacks behind. But the pre climax and climax episodes lifts the spirits up.

Immediate reaction at Intermission: Fans will be super happy for his style and histrionics. Non fans will appreciate the racy screenplay of first 20 mins of flash back.

Immediate reaction at end credits: Average first half and a below average second half, a dragged second half because of emotional scenes.

Watch or Not?: Yes for fans, Not so for common audience

Box Office Status: Sankranthi season might help the film with no competition for the film for the first two days. The film needs to collect near to 15 crores to be termed as a hit. The film is targeting for 7-8 crores first day share. There is 80 percent chance that the film will land in profits for distributors. If the upcoming Telugu biggies failed to impress the audiences, percent of chance will increase.

Note: This is not only depends on our rating. This will be based on how the movie, release season, hero stardom and craze of the movie.

Telugubulletin.com Rating: 2.5/5

<<<<<<<LIVE UPDATES>>>>>>>

Overall report: Movie is Ok with Rajini mark entertainment. Fans will enjoy the movie For the rest there is nothing new to offer. Review will follow soon.

10.45 AM: Movie comes to an end with Rajini killing Sunil Shetty

10.40 AM: Climax fight scene is on where Sunil Shetty challenges Rajini to come alone

10.30 AM: Sunil Shetty offers huge money whoever kills police and brings his badge

10.25 AM: Second half feels dragged with emotional scenes not working well

10.20 AM: Emotional scenes between Nivetha and Rajini, he starts investigation based on the video message hint left by Nivetha

10.15 AM: Rajini and his team gets attacked by Sunil Shetty gang

10.05 AM: Flash back ends with Rajini gets into mental trauma after his daughter’s death. That is the reason why he kills goons like a mad cop

10.00 AM: Now a murder attempt on Rajini and Niveda. Scene, where the doctor explains Nivetha that she only has 2 hrs, lacks some common sense.. Emotion didn’t worked for the whole episode

09.50 AM: Fight with transgender song in on, a song for the masses Fight composition is very good with fan effects used to the fullest

09.44 AM: International mafia don Sunil Shetty lands in India

09.40 AM: Second half started with a wedding party song

First half report: First half is Good so far with some high moments here and there. Movie graph picks up towards interval with some intelligent plot scenes and elevation scenes. Rajini show till now.

09.35 AM: Movie reaches interval with Rajini saying the dialogue I am a bad cop.

09.30 AM: Another twist through Ajay Malhotra and its time for International mafia don and main villain of the story Sunil Shetty entry

09.23 AM: Interesting plot by Murugadoss.. The way Rajini brings out real Ajay Malhotra is intelligent

09.15 AM: An interesting twist arrives as Rajini meets Ajay Malhotra but he is not the actual one but a proxy

09.08 AM: Nikarsaina Brahmacharine song is okay onscreen. Scenes between Rajini and Nayan will evoke laughter

09.04 AM: Movie is going good till now with Rajini show all the way.

09.02 AM: Ajay Malhotra son of Vicky Malhotra gets life sentence

09.00 AM: Deputy cms daughter dies as she was totally addicted to drugs

08.58 AM: Rajini arrests Don Viki Malhotra’s son in women trafficking and drugs case

08.55 AM: Some comedy scenes between Rajini, Nayan, Nivetha are okay

08.52 AM: Even Nayantara makes her entry now

08.51 AM: Niveda Thomas makes her entry as Rajini’s daughter

08.50 AM: Rajini uses Deputy CMs daughter as informant and runs a huge operation to save lots of girls from the hands of mafia.

08.48 AM: More drug and women trafficking cases comes. Anirudh impresses with his rap for the entire episode

08.41 AM: Rajini catches the kidnappers in an interesting way.

08:35 AM: He gets posted to mumbai to curb drug mafia. Takes up first case i.e., Deputy CMs daughter’s kidnap case.

08:30 AM: Movie goes into flashback mode. Aditya Arunachalam gets posted as Mumbai CP.

08:25 AM: Time for the first song Dhummu Dhooli.. Typical Rajini mark song. Rajini looks younger and stylish in the songs. The song is good with Rajini mark steps which will entertain fans.

08:18 AM: Scene where Rajini threatens human rights commision is good. By threatening he gets the report in favour of him regarding the goons encounter.

08:10 AM: Here comes the much awaited Rajini entry with a fight. It was an impressive introduction shot. Feast for fans. Aditya Arunachalam encounter lots of rowdies.

08:05 AM: Rajinikanth as Aditya Arunachalam makes his entry and encounters lots of rowdies

08:00 AM: Rajini’s Darbar show has started just now with titles

Rajinikanth’s Darbar premier show gonna start in 5 mins. Darbar is a 2hr 39mins 28sec run time film with ‘U/A’ certificate.

Darbar Movie Premiere Show Live Updates
Darbar Movie Premiere Show Live Updates

Director: A.R. Murugadoss

Writers: A.R. Murugadoss (Dialogue), A.R. Murugadoss (Screenplay)

Actors: Rajinikanth, Sunil Shetty, Nayanthara, Nivetha Thomas

Rajini’s Darbar Hyderabad and Nizam area complete theater list

Live Updates: Rajinikanth’s Darbar Movie Premiere Show
Darbar Movie Theaters List

Rajinikanth’s ‘Darbar’ creates a new record on its first-day shows. In Hyderabad, the first days show count is 771 and it breaks the previous record of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Sye Raa 749 shows.

A huge Rajinikanth cutout from Cauvery theatre, Bangalore.

Live Updates: Rajinikanth’s Darbar Movie Premiere Show

Trade circles box office prediction: In all the languages Dabar will collect more than 50 crores share on its first day. In the Tamil version, it will be 25 crores share and in Telugu, it will be 8crores.

Director AR Murugadoss first time working with Super Star Rajinikanth and he selected ‘sex crimes in India’ as a core subject for Darbar.

Rajini Darbar world wide releasing in 7,000 theaters. In that 5,000 screens from India and 2,000 from all over the world.

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