Amaravati farmer fell on Telangana MLA’s feet!!

Amaravati Farmer Fell On Telangana Mla’s Feet?
Amaravati farmers are going through a tough time. They are the only victims in this whole Capital issue that is between Naidu and Jagan. The farmers too should have been a bit careful before trusting someone too easily just because they are getting a higher sale price. We cannot say the farmers got too greedy but it sure does have a lot to do with being proactive and not too dependent on such dynamic factors like politics which may turn any way based on the winds.
Now after it is too late to wake up, the farmers having nowhere to go are not able to handle the situation gracefully. They are willing to go to any extent to safeguard their money and are not willing to give up on the fight. Today another farmer lady had made the headlines for falling at the feet of a Congress MLA Sithakka of Telangana. This happened during the celebration of Medaram Jathara.
The farmers have visited the Sammakka and Saaralamma Medaram Jathara to plea the Goddesses to protect them in this regard. While Sithakka said it is not good to shift the Capital, she also added that the Goddesses will bless that Amaravati stays their Capital.