Pawan’s POOR STRATEGY for latest elections hurting Janasainiks?

Pawan Kalyan’s New Look

Janasena party Chief Pawan Kalyan formed an alliance with BJP and it gained mixed reactions in the state. Both parties are quite confident that this alliance will help in their development. It is being said that some Janasainiks are not happy with the alliance. Now, here is one other thing which is hurting Janasainiks more than the alliance.

Both BJP and Janasena are comparatively very weak in rural areas. Both YSRCP and TDP possesses ground-level cadre that makes sure they get enough attention among the people. Pawan Kalyan may have a very clean image in politics but it is only limited to the urban areas who can easily detect the lies from the paid media. The people from rural areas, especially elders strongly influence by the mouth talk of their local leaders and there is no specific Janasena leader or strong cadre present in most of the rural areas to attack or defend.

Instead of building his cadre, Pawan Kalyan is arranging several meetings in Hyderabad which irks the enthusiastic Janasainiks who wants to help their Chief in every possible way. On the other side, the local leaders of Janasena don’t bother to create a wave in the rural areas even though the local elections are very near. Their excuse is nothing but Pawan Kalyan’s ignorance on the development of the party’s cadre. If this situation continues, Janasena will never be seen as an alternative by the AP people.