TB Special: Senior producer completely loses grip on films judgement

Tb Special: Senior Producer Completely Loses Grip On Films Judgement

Producer K S Rama Rao has the reputation of having good sensibilities of judging stories and making aesthetic cinema. But over the years he has been delivering flop films, the fault is falling for stories being narrated by outdated directors be it Karuna Karan or Kranti Madhav.

Kranthi Madhav is a good writer but after Malli malli Idhi rani roju, he lost his mojo. When a happening star like Vijay Devarakonda gives dates, it is time the producer chooses someone who is in tune with the generation like a saying in Telugu goes “Patha neeru poyyi kottha neeru ravali”.

Even Malli Malli was slow and called a family film with a slow pace. Vijay has a great craze among youth and though he runs the risk of being stereotyped, that is what the audience wants from him.

Something like what Puri Jagan did to Ram with Ismart Shankar and something like Fighter what is happening now.

As of now Vijay’s dates have been put to good use or not, the next twenty four hours will tell. K S Rama Rao also roped in JK Gumamdi, who is known to mounting up budget like what he did in Padi Padi Leche Manasu.

Even if the film WFL gets a good talk and initial opening collections, the fatal Monday will decide the destiny of the film.