Nirmala Sitaraman must be joking: KTR

Savenallamallaktr Telugubulletin

It seems KTR had a heartfelt laugh when he heard Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman say the amount of funds sanctioned to the Telangana Government in the past few years since the BJP had taken charge.

He snubs it away by saying she must be really joking with these statements.

He tweeted that Telangana gave back more income to the Central Government in the form of Taxes when compared to the amount of Funds that Telangana State had received from the Center.

He added the statistics date of how much taxes went back from Telangana to Centra Government of India in the Tweet and asked everyone to remember the facts.

From the period of 2014 to 2019, the Telangana State Government had given back a total of ₹2,72,926 Crores as income while the fund that the Central Government has given Telangana was only a mere ₹1,12,854 Crores.

He requested the people of Telangana to not believe the statements by Union Finance Minister with regards to funds for Telangana.