Special Focus: Real reason for Balayya’s silence in Amaravathi

Balakrishna- Boyapati Movie Opening

In the fight between TDP and YSRC, Amaravathi issue is a key aspect for TDP to take on YSRC. With the help of farmers and women, TDP is trying to put pressure on YSRC to fix Amaravathi as the capital city. All the politicians on TDP’s side visited Amaravathi to support Chandra Babu Naidu but why Balakrishna was not involved much in this war on YSRC?

Discussion raised in the social media that as Balakrishna was a politician from Rayalaseema, it would be a problem for him politically to speak on the change in capital city. People of Rayalaseema are little aligned towards the decentralization of capital city as it would develop few regions in Rayalaseema.

In this situation, Balakrishna’s statements on Amaravathi will be crucial and any mistake would cost TDP the next elections. Analysts were saying this as the reason for Balayya to be calm on the Amaravathi issue.