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MovieO Pitta Katha
Star CastVishwant, Nithya Shetty, Sanjay K Rao, Brahmaji
DirectorChandu Mudhu
ProducerAnand Prasad
MusicPraveen Lakkaraju
Run Time2hr 8min
Release6th march, 2020

Star Cast: Vishwant, Nithya Shetty, Sanjay K Rao, Brahmaji
Director: Chandu Muddu
Producer: Anand Prasad
Music: Praveen Lakkaraju
Run Time: 2 hr 08 min.
Release Date: 6th March, 2020

Brahmaji has done his best to promote his son’s debut movie O Pitta Katha which has impressed with its theatrical trailer. Almost all the top stars came forward to promote the movie. Will O Pitta Katha live upto the expectations?

What about story.?

Venkata Lakshmi (Nithya Shetty) who goes to Araku with his friends goes missing. Venkata Lakshmi’s father Veerraju, son in law Krish (Viswanth) files complaint in police station. Upon inquiry SI (Brahmaji) come to know that Krish wants to marry Venkata Lakshmi. At the same time, Venkata Lakshmi is in love with Prabhu (Sanjay).

Next the trio tries to solve the kidnap case. Interesting clues will be on their way. Who has kidnapped Venkata Lakshmi and Why? What happens next is the crux of the story.

How about On-Screen Stars performance.?

Heroine Nithya Shetty stands out among the performers. Her cute acting is major plus for the movie. Vishwanth has done a neat job with the character which has different shades. Debutante Sanjay K Rao is just okay. He needs to improve a lot. Friend character Pandu has done splendid job. He is the main comic relief in the movie. Brahmaji is fine. Rest all has performed well.

How about off Screen Talents.?

Technical department has done stunning job in this movie. Cinematographer has visualized the beauties of Kakinada and Godavari appealingly. Every frame, Every shot is superb. He has presented artists in the best way. Music director Praveen Lakkaraju has added more beauty with his music and BGM. Editing could have been much better.

Coming to the director Chandu Muddu, the director tried his best to narrate this love story more visually. However he failed to connect it with the audience. There is no magic created in this love story which act as hindrance for the flow of the movie. Screenplay is fine in parts. Dialogues are good. Director has proved that he has worth but better concentration on love story could have added a lot to the movie. Production values by Bhavya Creations are decent.

What’s Hot.?

  • Situational comedy
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Music
  • Few twist

What’s Not.?

  • Routine Story
  • No magic in the love story
  • Slow pace from the beginning
  • Stretched screenplay
  • Editing

Verdict: Story of this movie is very routine. However director Chandu Muddu tried to narrate this story in a visually appealing way with heart touching love stories. But neither of the love story connect with the audiences. With love story not creating any impression, we will not get any kick with the proceedings.

Immediate reaction at Intermission: Though boring at first, interval bang is impressive

Immediate reaction at end credits: It would be nice if this movie is narrated in a straight and entertaining manner.

Watch or Not?: It will be tough to bear this soul less triangle love story.

Box Office Status: O Pitta Katha which failed to connect emotionally with audiences will find it tough to survive at the box office. However the movie might get decent opening thanks to Brahmaji’s superb promotions with top stars in the industry.

Telugubulletin.com Rating: 2/5

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12.30 P.M: All twists revealed and issues resolved. Movie comes to happy ending.

12.10 P.M: With pre-climax twists movie turns into an interesting mode.

12.02 P.M: After some twist movie going in an emotional way

11.55 A.M: Again flashback started between Sanjay and Nithya. Pandu character is giving some laughs again

11.41 A.M: Second half started with revealing suspense elements

First half report :

O Pitta Katha is visually appealing and the music is impressive too. Screenplay is interesting. Interval twist is fine. Slow pace is the only complaint.

11.20 A.M: Movie comes to interval with both the love stories coming to an end and the culprit is revealed

11.10 A.M: Few comedy scenes regarding adult content movies youtube reviews are going on.

11.05 A.M: Sanjay friend character Pandu is providing some laughs

11.00 A.M: Now Prabhu started to narrate his love story with Nithya to Brahmaji

10.57 A.M: Brahmaji starts to suspect Prabhu on Nithya’s missing case.

10.55 A.M: Flashback comes to an end and Vishwanath reveals one more twist. That is regarding Prabhu (Sanjay Rao)

10.45 A.M: 30 minutes into the movie, Beautiful visuals and superb music are the major highlights. However the narration is slow

10.42 A.M: Nithya okays Vishwanth’s love. However some trouble started for their love

10.35 A.M: Viswanth and Nithya are cousins. Some romantic moments between them are good

10.27 A.M: Viswanth and Nithya’s father started to narrate flash back

10.25 A.M: Viswanth and Nithya’s father files missing complaint. Brahmaji gets introduced as SI

10.22 A.M: Twist at the start of the film. Nithya Shetty gets introduced and while she is enjoying the nature, an unknown person kidnaps her.

10.18 A.M: Titles started with soulful melody and stunning visuals

10.15 A.M: O Pitta Katha which has been promoted aggressively has started now with run time 2 hours 8 minutes

O Pitta Katha Movie First day First Show Live Updates on 6th March 10.15 A.M IST, Please Stay tuned to TELUGUBULLETIN.COM 

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