More buses from Medchal to Secunderabad: Students Plea to KTR

More Buses From Medchal To Secunderabad: Students Plea To Ktr

It is not enough. Dozens of trips by Metro or dozens to trips by buses still does not serve the demand in commuting the students to and fro Secunderabad and Medchal. The students seem to have lost their patience and started expressing their distress and anger for poor management by the Telangana Transport Department.

Especially for the students who study in the colleges that are situated in the outskirts of Hyderabad are affected the most. Bahadurpally, Ibrahimpatnam, Ghatkesar, Maisammaguda etc have more number of Engineering Colleges than other places. They say that even during the prime hours of morning and evening, the frequency of the buses are too low and their everyday commuting has become a draining exercise.

Students are told to not to get into crowded buses and specifically to not hang on to the footboard. But when the buses are not enough, are we leaving them any choice then? Is this not something that Governments should ensure to give safety and convenience to the Students at least?

The Students say that if at all they miss the buses, they are left with no choice but take a cab or an autorickshaw. This way they are spending more money than necessary and it’s again affecting the finances of their education. Students have started to complain to KTR to look into the matter.