Kathi Mahesh targets Pawan’s costly house

If there is anyone who completely cashed the craze of Pawan Kalyan, the first one in the list would be Kathi Mahesh.

Mahesh, who came to the limelight, after entering the Bigg Boss house, in the season 1, was able to maintain it, by making constant criticisms against the Janasena Chief. He opposed Pawan, both on a political and also personal level and had to face the heat from the actor turned politician’s fans for a good number of days.

He was later denied access to participate in the TV interviews, after Pawan Kalyan warned the TV channels and also the state government, that they are intentionally trying to mudsling on him through various people. Adding to it, Kathi Mahesh also faced criticism for his controversial comments against Hindu gods, for which he had to face eviction from the city.

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Now, Mahesh is back to attack Pawan Kalyan once again. Referring to the Janasena Chief’s earlier comments on his financial status, Mahesh, on his official Facebook account posted, “From a position of not even able to pay the EMIs, Pawan bought a own house in Amaravati and also an office. Now he also bought another house worth Rs. 130 crores, in Hyderabad’s Kavuri hills. Congratulations, Janasena movie has worked well.”

While a few say that Mahesh is intentionally trying to pinch Pawan for coming to the limelight again, few others say that if Pawan or any of his close associates continued to remain mum, then his allegations may get the strength. So it would be better if any of the close sources of Pawan respond and give a clarification.