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Khaidi movie review & rating


Dilli (Karthi), who is about to get released within a few hours from the jail, gets convinced after a policeman narrates his emotional side. Dilli assists him in shifting the unconscious policemen to the hospital. Why did the police fall unconscious and what are the consequences Dilli faced, after accepting to assist the police officer? Watch Khaidi to know the answers for it.


Karthi as Dilli, managed to evoke both emotional and heroic elements well. Especially, his emotional feelings as a father to a young girl, came out well and are expected to go well with the family audiences too. On the other side, he nailed the action part of the film, as always. Narain Kumar has got a full length role and he came up with a brilliant performance. The young girl as Karthi’s daughter is cute.

Technical performances

Coming to the technical side, the background score is brilliant. Several scenes have been elevated well with the BGMs. Even cinematography carried the mood of the film well. Surprisingly, the editing part for a thin story line, is very much convincing. It is only the editing that is just okay, as there are a few scenes, that deserve trimming for the betterment.

Three sequences that are interlinked, but are happening in different places is the major screenplay factor, that director Lokesh Kanagaraj tried to get his identity through Khaidi. He managed to give enough screen space for all the three sequences, without dragging any sequence too far.

Plus points:

– Emotional scenes between father and daughter

– Chasing scenes

– Karthi’s acting skills

Minus points:

– Simple story

– Villain character is weak.


The director has picked up a thin story line, but managed to include a good amount of thrills. that has good depth and managed to narrate it with an engaging screenplay. The chases, emotions, and situational fights have been added in good proportions, thus making it, a must watch film of this weekend.

Finally: Khaidi- A good sounded cracker for this Diwali.