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Whistle movie review & rating


Rajappa (Vijay) is a gangster, who fights to safeguard the rights of the lower sections of public and thus aims give an indiscriminate society to the future generations. His son Michael (Vijay) is initially a football player, later follows his father’s path. Due to  some unavoidable circumstances, he becomes the coach of a women’s football team. How is the social story connected with the football background and what are the reasons behind Michael leaving the game as a player, is what the rest of the film answers.

Plus points

– Vijay as Rajappa is terrific. Though the character is limited, all the scenes of the character have been narrated well. They can be considered as a great treat to the fans and mass audience.

– Football scenes and the elevations are shot well.

– Emotional block between the two characters of Vijay, interval action scene, Jackie Shroff-Vijay flashback scene, a bet match between Vijay and lady team, Shivangi song, Pochamma episode in the climax are the key highlights.

– Emotional scene about women empowerment.

– The production values are lavish.

– GK Vishnu’s visuals are fantastic and AR Rehman’s background score takes it to the next level.

– Muthuraj’s sets and Anal Arasu action blocks are the other technical highlights.

Minus points

– First 30-40 minutes of the film is quite routine.

– Boring love track between the lead pair.

– Unimpressive comedy.

– Old and predictable story: The story reminds one of “Chak De India”. But the women empowerment, which the director claimed to take the cake in the film, fails to make any such impact. They are loosely written.

– Screenplay: A few scenes, if dealt well, could have made a reasonable impact. But the director failed to write any such engaging screenplay.

– The Villain’s character is so weak that cannot be expected in the film of a super star like Vijay.

– Three hours duration for a predictable story and screenplay like Whistle, appears too lengthy.

– Songs act as the speed breakers to the flow of the film.


Whistle is an out and out commercial entertainer with several fan moments for Vijay fans and also mass elements for the ‘C’ center audience. The neutral audience may not find it interesting, except for a few of the scenes like Rajappa episodes, football scenes in parts, etc. Overall, Whistle may end up as an average flick and would make a reasonable business at the box office, as there is no other notable film to occupy the Diwali season.

Finally: Whistle- Strictly to the masses

Rating: 2.5/5