Jagan’s BEST IDEA to convince Modi on Cancellation of Council!

Modi Jagan Telugubulletin

We all know that backlash faced by the AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy who was unstoppable in the decentralization bill by the former CM Chandra Babu Naidu.

Jagan wouldn’t have imagined in his dreams that situations would turn out this way. Intolerant of any opposition the YSRC chief is determined to decimate his political rivals, keeping the 2024 polls in mind.

So, as a part of that, Jagan wants to scrap the legislative council. But there is an intangible tie for this cumbersome process that Jagan should take care of.

For scrapping the legislative council of a state, the intention of chief Minster is a partial factor and the approval of the Parliament is must and should. So, as BJP is being in alliance with Janasena in Andhra Pradesh, one might think Jagan is in deep trouble. But what it turns out to be – ‘Every Problem has a solution’.

Until now, there has been no enmity between Modi and Jagan. Moreover, parliament comprises of many parties other than NDA. Remember that Jagan has 20 odd MPs in the parliament who will do anything that their Chief wants.

So, as the Modi government in its downfall with some brave decisions they took in the recent time, Jagan may make a deal with them. He can assure them his MPs would support NDA at crisis time only if they support him in the scrapping of the AP council. It is a Win-Win situation as they say.