Another huge INSULT to Nandamuris by Chandrababu?

Naidu Explains Jagan’s Strategy Behind Gn Rao Committee

It seems like Chandra Babu made it a never-ending resolution of his life to take the remaining name of the Nandamuri family out. It is well known that there is nothing for TDP in Telangana other than their name and the office buildings. Though he formed an alliance with Congress which backfired at the latter party and they are yet to come out of that pit hole.

The most talked constituency during those assembly polls is Kukatpally where CBN made Nandamuri Suhasini, the granddaughter of the former Chief Minister NT Rama Rao to contest from that constituency. Regarding the people of their community, everyone hoped for the bumper majority but eventually, Suhasini faced a humiliating defeat.

Now, Chandra Babu intends to tear off the leftover image of Suhasini and her family in a different way. Even though there is no scope for the TDP to prove their existence in the Telangana state, he is going to make Suhasini the president of the Telangana TDP.

Suhasini has some name in Telangana irrespective of her defeat in the polls and it seems CBN wants to cash on this situation only to scrape out the remaining fame and name.