Inside News: Change of titles for Prabhas – Maruthi film.?

Inside News: Change of titles for Prabhas – Maruthi film.?
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It is known that pan Indian superstar Prabhas and director Maruthi are coming together for a horror comedy. The film commenced the shoot already and it is progressing at a brisk pace at a specially erected set in Hyderabad now.

The latest update is that the makers of this film are going for a change of titles. They are considering multiple new options for the same.

First, Raja Deluxe was confirmed to be the title and this got in wide circulation. But the latest updates are suggesting that the makers have opted to change this title.

The makers are trying for a title with a more global sounding and they are working on the same now.

Maruthi will take the final call on the title and an official announcement will follow at the right time. The film is yet to be announced so there’s enough time for the title announcement.

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