Exclusive: Divorce problems in Tollywood’s Top Celebrity Families!

They are the star heroes in Tollywood. Both the heroes belong to top families; one family is there in the cinemas from three generations, and other family has a fascinating journey in the Tollywood since two generations.

Now, these two families are facing divorce issues in their homes, as things did not work as expected.

One among them… He is known for his discipline and he has three heirs. One of them is a producer, host, social activist, and actor. But in recent times, husband and wife applied for divorce as their mentalities did not match.

They parted ways with mutual understanding. Recently, this incident took place in this celebrity family.

When it comes to second family, he is very cool hero, and he has ladies and family audience following. He is known for having fun with everyone and this hero likes to spend time in almighty’s presence.

His daughter was recently married to a famous Hotels and Race Clubs Head heir in a very grand manner. It is also a love marriage. But, both of them had some problems and decided to break their relationship by applying divorce.

Two celebrities in Tollywood have divorce problems at home. Whatever may be the reason; their divorce problems create pain to their family members. So, these two families are in such distress.