Coronavirus breaks SARS record – Turning into a pandemic!

New Virus In China – Rapidly Spreading In Asia

Coronavirus death rate raised to 361 in China breaking the previous epidemic SARS which had a death toll of 349. Even though the recovery rate too raised, it is still a big concern for all the continents as the number of infected people were raising.

In USA, 11 people were said to be infected and the number is raising day by day. With the virus crossing the boundaries and is spreading rapidly, doctors were considering it to be a pandemic. China is making all efforts to stop the virus from spreading further and treating the people who got infected.

Majority of the IT companies sent out mails to all the employees saying that they are cancelling the business trips to China apart from asking the employees who recently traveled, to have their health checked thoroughly. Chinese employees of US companies were asked to work from home and to stay safe.

Indian government arranged a special flight to China to bring back the citizens who are living in the infected areas. They are further screened thoroughly in the Indo-Tibetian border, before entering India.