Rashmika – Pooja Hegde making Tollywood heroines flee to Kollywood!

Mehreen Pirzada

The popularity for Rashmika Mandanna and Pooja Hedge is touching the stars in the industry. Just like the competition between the top heroes, these heroines are aiming to get the top stop with great set of offers.

In the past few days, the success rate of Pooja Hegde stands consistent compared to all other Tollywood heroines. Rashmika Mandanna too picked up her pace bagging offers beside Tollywood big shots. With the attack of these two heroines, other Tollywood actresses were looking at alternative streams.

Mehreen, who came up with series hits in the initial stages of career, faced defeat in the recent times with back to back disasters. Now, this beauty is eyeing Kollywood to pace up her career. It is known that Kollywood audience love heroines who look chubby and as Mehreen falls in this category, there is a good chance for this heroine to make it big. Stay tuned for more updates.