Bigg Boss 3: That contestant to get eliminated this week!

After completing three successful weeks, Bigg Boss 3 entered its fourth week with the last episode. Unlike the regular contestants who were in the nomination since the first week, many new faces entered the nomination in this week.

While Sreemukhi was already nominated for destroying the house property in a task, Ali Reza and Punarnavi were given immunity for performing a secret task well. Inviting two contestants into the confession room and asking them to discuss and nominate one among them, is what the nomination process was, this week.

Ravi sacrificed for Vithika and had got into the nomination. Siva Jyothi did the same for Rohini, upon an understanding that the latter would reciprocate the same at an appropriate time. But unfortunately, even Rohini had to get nominated, as she was seen discussing about the nomination, which is against the rules. Much to the worse, both Rohini and Siva Jyothi will remain in the nomination, even in the next week.

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On the other side, Baba Bhaskar decided to get self nominated and sacrifice for Ashu. But the latter strictly went against Baba and decided to nominate him, explaining Bigg Boss, that she did not like the Master going against the housemates in the Kitchen work issue.

Finally, Sreemukhi, Siva Jyothi, Rohini, Rahul, Varun, Baba Bhaskar and Ravi is in the nomination list for this week. Everyone in the list is associated with some or other controversy and is in the eyes of the audiences, except Rohni. So, probably she may have to face the exit gates this week.