Bigg Boss: Sreemukhi strategies killing her fame?

Sreemukhi is one among the very few contestants, who stood by Himaja, in her controversy with Ali Reza last week. As Nagarjuna immensely supported Himaja and lashed out at Ali, the star anchor was able to win love from the audiences, as she raised her voice against Ali, during the task.

In the last episode, Sreemukhi was seen discussing with Baba Bhaskar and Himaja, about how Ali threatened the former, for which the choreographer remained silent. When Ali was passing from the place they were discussing, the star anchor immediately diverted the topic and all the three were silent. Shockingly, Sreemukhi was seen along with Ali in the next scene, having some fun time.

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In fact Bigg Boss is such a show, where the contestants are supposed to take the stand in a few situations and also act diplomatic at times. Sreemukhi is exactly doing the same. Among all the Bigg Boss contestants, if there is anyone who is extremely popular, it is Sreemukhi.

In spite of her busy schedule, she still chose to be part of the show, for the kind of love she had on the concept of Bigg Boss. Even after her strategic game plans, the things are not exactly the same she expected it to be. Along with the followers, she also gained haters after she entered the Bigg Boss house. But, Sreemukhi still has the caliber to be one among the finalists.