Janasena MLA cornered from all sides!

Rapaka Varaprasad, the one and only MLA of Janasena, was able to win the love of Janasainiks in large number, right from the day he was elected as an MLA. All the attention of Pawan Kalyan fans was on Rapaka, and even the MLA was able to keep up the confidence and stood by the party, as a strong pillar. But it seems, the things are taking the ugly turn off late.

The local police of Razole arrested a group of men playing the cards recently. Aggrieved over this, Rapaka went against the police and asked them to release the men. But as the police rejected the MLA’s order, Janasainiks in large number reached out to the station and protested against the SI KV Ramarao, for allegedly abusing the MLA using cuss words. The things did not stop there, and the police also filed the case against Rapaka for supporting a crime like playing cards.

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Though Rapaka was sensible in his moves right from the beginning and made the comments against the opposition leaders in a dignified manner, resembling Pawan’s ideologies, the latest act has disturbed a few of his followers. However, a majority of the followers, still stood by him and are ensuring their strong support to the Janasena’s only MLA.

But as the ruling party is said to be trying its best to corner Janasena, Rapaka may have to face the heat in the issue soon.