Which path will Jagan take?

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Will there be a departure from TDP in AP Legislative Council? This question hotly debated in political circles in Andhra Pradesh. With the TDP adopting an obstructionist attitude by blocking primary legislation in the Council using a majority vote, the ruling YSRCP appears to have only two options.

The first is to abolish the Legislative Council by passing a resolution in the AP Assembly and approving it by Parliament. It is the route NTR took during the 1980s when the Congress played the bugle in the Council. But, in the case of NTR, it took him almost two years to reach Parliament.

The other option is to bring down the majority of TDP in the Council by resigning both TDP MLCs in the Council and merging a section of TDP MLCs into YSRCP. Those who resign may renounce to the Council on a YSRCP ticket. If a required number combines with the party, the TDP will lose its majority. By winning the seats vacated due to resignation, YSRCP can increase its strength in the Council.

Already the YSRCP has managed one resignation, two restraints, and two cross votes in the Council while voting on three capital bills. Only 10 MLC needed for this. Now it is to be seen what will be Jagan’s next move.