WFL Worldwide Pre-Release Business Details: Huge task ahead for Rowdy

Video: Vijay Devarakonda’s World Famous Lover Trailer

Vijay Deverakonda’s upcoming film World Famous Lover has done a decent pre release business despite the fact that Vijay Deverakonda is coming on the back of big flop in the form of Dear Comrade. World Famous Lover has in total done a pre release business of Rs. 30.50 Cr when worldwide business is considered. When it comes to Telugu States, World Famous Lover has been sold to Rs. 23 Cr. This is second highest in the career of Vijay Deverakonda, while Dear Comrade remains first with Rs. 34 Cr pre release business.

Nevertheless it is a huge task for Vijay Deverakonda. World Famous Lover is not having a huge buzz with the makers promoting the film on a low scale. Apart from pre release events there is nothing much happening. Particularly songs of the movie haven’t been chart buster.

While the movie has been made on a huge budget of 30-35 Crores, Non theatrical rights comes as saving grace for the producers Creative Commercials.

Here is territory wise business details of the movie along with Non-theatrical rights

Nizam – 9 Cr
Ceeded – 4 Cr
Andhra – 10 Cr

AP/TG Total – 23 Cr

ROI – 4 cr
Overseas – 3.5 cr

WW Total – 30.5 Cr

Satellite rights – 7 Cr
Digital rights – 5 Cr
Hindi rights – 8 cr

Openings will play huge part in the collections. We have to see whether Vijay can pull it off.