Varun baseless argument with Sreemukhi in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu

Telugubulletin Bigg Boss Telugu Sreemukhi

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is taking some strange turns with the disputes between unexpected contestants. In the last night’s episode, there was a heated discussion between Sreemukhi and Varun Sandesh.

As a part of the task, the housemates are required to guess the fact in the story being told by the other housemates. So, Rahul Sipligunj was successful in convincing a few of the housemates with his fake story, due to which their decision went wrong. It is then Varun Sandesh went against Sreemukhi, blaming her that she encouraged Vithika to change her decision.

It is Vithika’s choice to take the suggestion of Sreemukhi or not. Every housemate has the right to suggest as the Patas anchor did in the last night’s episode. Varun who comes up with some matured attitude every time, blaming Sreemukhi, for his wife’s decision is nothing but an absolute foolishness.

Surprisingly, even Vithika stood by Sreemukhi saying that the latter never encouraged her to change her decision. It is then Varun realized his mistake, but only to win the argument, he tried to bring a new issue to blame the star anchor.

Varun was saying that using the words like “Bokka paduddhi” is not right at that time. But Sreemukhi never aimed the word at any housemate, but only opined that they would lose the task, if there is a confusion in the voting.

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All the housemates remained absolutely silent during the argument and later, Ravi Krishna is the only one who stood in support of Sreemukhi, to some extent. At the end, both Sreemukhi and Varun Sandesh discussed the issue and concluded the argument, by apologizing one another.

Finally, Varun, who is identified for his sensibilities and matured dealing of the controversies, has lost it with the latest argument.