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Home Movie News Sye Raa Review & Rating - Emotional tale of an unsung hero

Sye Raa Review & Rating – Emotional tale of an unsung hero

Movie Name – Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy
Main Leads – Chiranjeevi, Amitabh Bachchan, Nayanthara, Tamannaah Bhatia, Sudeep, Vijay Sethupathi, Ravi Kishan, Jagapathy Babu
Music – Amit Trivedi
Direction, Screenplay – Surender Reddy
Production – Konidela Productions

Story: Plot is set in 1840s, 10 years before the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Narasimha Reddy is a Palegaar whose guru is Gosala Venkanna (Amitabh). Renaadu people are irked by Britisher’s tax system despite of drought in the area. Narsimha Reddy is a fierce leader and warrior who has grown to the likes of his guru. Reddy falls in love with Lakshmi (Tamanna) a local village girl, but has to part ways with her after realizing he got married with Siddamma (Nayana Tara) during his childhood. Reddy asks his people not to pay taxes to the British. This provokes a transfer of cruel British officer Jackson as in charge of collecting taxes. Narasimha Reddy takes head-on with the British and declares a war with them. Other palegaars ((Ravi Kishan, Jagapathy Babu, Sudeep) of the Datta mandalam region initially refuses to support Reddy due to threat from the British. After Narasimha Reddy gives a tough fight to the British with the help of commoners, other palegaars comes forward to support Reddy but few palegaars have their own ulterior motive. The rest of the story is about how Narasimha Reddy formed an army to fight against British and what happens to him.


Chiranjeevi steals the show, a visual treat for his fans. His action and dialogues will keep the audience captivated for this 2hr 50 min movie. He brings life to the Narasimha Reddy character. He excelled in action sequences, every horse-riding scene of Chiranjeevi is an eye feast. His act in the climax probably will remain one of his best in this career. Chiranjeevi’s fans will go berserk with excitement for Chiranjeevi’s performance in action sequences.

Amitabh suited well for Chiru’s guru role, his image helped fit into that character. His combination scenes with Chiru came out really well.

Kichha Sudeep plays the role with the right attitude, completely justifies the characterization with his action.

Jagapathi babu has done the emotional scenes quite well in the second half. Tammana is adequate for the role, her performance in the second half in a critical scene is worth mentioning. Nayanathara has limited scope for acting, she excelled in an emotional scene with Chiranjeevi.

Technical performances: Director Surender Reddy has taken a herculean task of telling the untold story of first freedom fighter. It’s extremely difficult to tell a true story for 3 hours and keeping the audience captivated without taking too many cinematic liberties. Even though there are few flaws in storytelling, Surender Reddy did a satisfactory job and should be lauded for his work. The story work by Paruchuri brothers is good. Writer Burra Sai Madhav did an excellent job in few scenes. Ratnavelu as DOP did a fantastic job, excelled in showing this period drama through his lens. Background score by Julius Packman is excellent elevated the scenes to the next level. Amit Trivedi’s music for two songs is good. Action directors did a commendable job. Top-notch production values, Ram Charan takes the credit in this tribute to Narasimha Reddy.

What’s Hot:

  • Chiranjeevi action and presence
  • Chiru’s first confrontation with the British
  • Attack on the British Coilcuntla Fort
  • Interval block
  • Chiru’s fort attack by the British in the second half
  • Julius Packman’s BGM

What’s Not:

  • Drama in the first 30 mins.
  • Few unnecessary scenes in the second half
  • Screenplay in the later half of post-interval.

Final verdict: Fans will thoroughly enjoy the movie because of Chiranjeevi. Regular moviegoers will not be disappointed if seen with low expectations, a one time watch.

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