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‘War’ movie review: Hrithik dominates Tiger

With Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff as the male leads and Vani Kapoor as the female lead, War movie has hit the theaters today. The project has acquired quite significance since it was announced and the expectations are high. Let us know the review and see, whether the film has reached all such expectations or not.


Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) is India’s best secret agent. Due to unfortunate situations, he turns as an enemy for the country. The Indian government considers Khaleed (Tiger Shroff) as the right option to handle Kabir. What are the situations Khaleed faced in tackling Kabir and why did Kabir turned as an enemy? Did Khaleed succeed in handling Kabir or not? The answers for all these questions can be found in rest of the story.


Hrithik and Tiger, occupy the major portion of the War movie screen. Especially Hrithik completely dominated Tiger, in every which way possible. The Krish star’s mannerisms, attitude, expressions, cannot stop the audience, from falling in love with him.

Tiger Shroff’s performance, on the other side, is decent. He came up with a brilliant job in emotional scenes. But it can be clearly understood that he could not match up the standards of Tiger.

Vaani Kapoor gets a meaty role. But she adds the emotional part to War. Adding to it, she also made a great glamorous show in a song.

Technical side:

War is an out and out action thriller. The director tried to make the film on par with Hollywood’s Mission Impossible. Cinematographer Benjamin Jasper came up with an awesome job.

The background score by Sanchith Balhaara and Ankith Balhaara is on the next level. Two songs composed by Vishal Shekhar are good to watch on the screen. Director Siddharth Anand has mainly concentrated on heroic moments and ignored the story and screenplay. A few of the twists are predictable and few others thrill.

Plus points:

– Hrithik Roshan
– A few action scenes
– Twists in Tiger Shroff’s character
– Climax fight

Minus points:

– Story and screenplay


Terrific action scenes, numerous heroic elements form the major part of the War. The readymade action image of Hrithik and Tiger acts as a great savior to the weak story.

Finally: War- Hrithik Roshan steals the show.