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Home Movie Reviews Review & Rating: Ravibabu's Aaviri Movie

Review & Rating: Ravibabu’s Aaviri Movie


Munni (Sri Muktha), the daughter of Ravi Babu (Raj) and Neha Chauhan (Leena) gets connected to a ghost. Since then all her acts, surprise the couple. One fine day, she runs away from the house. What are the struggles, the couple faced to find her and how is the ghost linked to the family, is what forms the rest of the story.


Sri Muktha, the little girl, who is shown in the trailer, came up with a brilliant performance throughout the film. Priya Vadlamani has got a substantial role in Aaviri. As the main crux revolves around her character, she got an ample scope for the performance. Surprisingly, Ravi Babu and Leena, the on-screen couple, could not impress. Most of their scenes lack any interest.

Technical Performances

One of the major drawbacks of Aaviri is music. It is background score that elevates a horror scenes in the film. Unfortunately, no such BGMs could support the ghost elevations in the film.

Adding to it, there is no proper story and even the horror genre, which the director claimed for Aaviri, does not really makes sense, as there are no such elements in the film. As several twists appear quite predictable, Aaviri loses the mere significance of a horror thriller and thus remains as another dud in Ravi Babu’s career.


Aaviri terribly fails in all the major departments like story, screenplay, entertainment, music, performances etc. Except for Sri Mukhtha’s performance and Priya Vadlamani’s back story, the movie has nothing much to discuss.

Ravi Babu comes up with the same old direction and it reminds us of his earlier thriller films like Avunu. It would be better if Ravi Babu drops the idea of making horror and thriller films anymore and concentrate on other stuff.

Finally: Aaviri- A wasted opportunity.

Rating: 1 out of 5