Rakshashudu movie review & rating

Direction: Ramesh Varma

Producer: Koneru Satyanarayana

Music: Ghibran

Casting: Bellamkonda Srinivas, Anupama Parameswaran, Rajeev Kanakala etc.

Rating: 2. 75 / 5


Arun (Bellamkonda Srinivas), who aspires to become a film director, had to take up police job due to a few circumstances. He finds a serial murder mystery case interesting and takes it as a challenge to find the psycho.

The Psycho killer brutally kills several innocent school girls and leaves the clue at his every murder spot. How did Arun find the culprit and what are the challenges he faced, in this operation, is what shows the rest of Rakshasudu movie.


Bellamkonda Srinivas has nothing much to show his heroism in the film. He was decent as an ordinary policeman. Heroine Anupama Parameswaran impresses well in the teacher’s role. But as there is no scope for any romance, her character had no significance in the film. Rajiv Kanakala came up with yet another decent performance.

The villain’s role, which is the key highlight of the script is disappointing in the Telugu version. The artist, who played the role is not even a notable face of Tollywood and was still offered such an important role.

Technical highlights:

Rakshasudu is a Telugu remake of ‘Ratsasan’, which was a blockbuster in Kollywood. The director was honest to the original as he lifted scene to scene and frame to frame from the Tamil film. Ghibran’s music is apt to the mood of the proceedings in Rakshasudu.

With right color combinations to the script of this kind, even cinematography is very good and so, the camera. The production values are decent. The director is successful in handling the suspense and building the scenes around it, to create curiosity.


An aspiring film director, using his background work, he did in his struggling days, to solve a murder mystery is the point that holds the attention. The makers had no big effort with Rakshasudu, as every scene in the Telugu version was lifted from the original.

Villain’s character which was considered to be the most important aspect of Rakshasudu, shockingly failed to impress the audience, as the makers did not reveal his face, till the end.

Finally: Rakshasudu- A honest remake