BJP MP reveals reasons between KCR-Jagan meet!

At a point of time, where it was anticipated that there is no future for any other political parties in Telangana except TRS, the recent Lok Sabha elections had witnessed a shocking result, with Congress and BJP winning 3 and 4 MP seats respectively.

Since then, BJP is pinning great hopes on Telangana and is planning to emerge as a strong opposition by the time of the next elections. It is thus planning to speed up the political proceedings in the state.

Regarding the same, BJP candidate Bandi Sanjay Kumar, who won over the TRS candidate in the Lok Sabha elections, went against the Telangana Chief Minister KCR.

Calling the TS CM as a “Mayala Fakir” and “Tupaki Ramudu”, Sanjay said that he is resorting to all sorts of gimmicks to hold the attention of the public. He considered the recent victory of BJP in four MP seats as a pure dissatisfaction of the people on the TRS government.

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Referring to the frequent meetings of the Chief Ministers of both the Telugu states, Sanjay said that Jagan is frequently meeting KCR, only to protect his lands in Hyderabad. He further added that both the CMs are only worried about BJP and are planning to smash the Lotus Party in the Telugu states.

Will any of the leaders from TRS or YSRCP respond to the comments of Sanjay or ignore, unwilling to give any mileage to him? Let’s see.