Rajinikanth’s biggest blunder in Darbar!

Superstar Rajini’s mass entertainer ‘Darbar’ which was directed by the star director A.R Murugadoss has hit the screens today.

After a lot of years, Rajini was seen in a cop role and there are huge expectations on this combo. But, disappointing the fans, this movie turned out as a routine commercial entertainer with no gripping plots to discuss.

Though Rajini is the biggest major for this movie, he has done blunders regarding this script. First of all, Muragadoss was in the worst phase of his career and directed this movie after disastrous Spyder and a below-average Sarkar.

More ever this is the first time Rajini did a movie with Murugadoss and he should have been more careful.

The second thing is Rajini’s judgement towards the story. While many young directors are in queue with different subjects, he opted for a routine cop story.

The second half seems more predictable and the overdose mass elements in the climax scenes irked the audience. With decades of experience, Rajini should have asked Murugadoss to twist the plot.

Muragadoss is well known for his versatility but what he did in ‘Darbar’ is regular meat. So, ultimately, Rajini’s overconfidence in Murugadoss backfired big time.