Punarnavi drags it too far in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu

In the Devils task, Punarnavi Bhupalam is the only contestant, who strictly went against Bigg Boss and abused the show organizers alleging that it is an illogical task.

According to Punarnavi, the devils had all the advantages to win the task, but the human beings have no such defending tricks to use against the devils. But Siva Jyothi, when attacked by Sreemukhi, managed to jump in the pool, anticipating that the devils would do the same. She thus proved that human beings have an option of running away from the devils and thus make their task void.

Punarnavi refused to perform the task as a devil, due to which she was asked to polish the shoes. The Uyyala Jampala actress even refused to do it, taking the things too far, while Mahesh Vitta and Sreemukhi jumped into the action and polished the shoes.

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Bigg Boss also warned that the housemates, who are refusing to polish the shoes, will have to face the direct nomination next week. But Punarnavi has not compromised and got ready to face any consequences.

While Shilpa Chakravarthy was anticipated to leave the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu house this week, it seems, Punarnavi’s aggressive attitude is going to act as an advantage for Shilpa, who is expected to swap her elimination with Punarnavi.