Poll: Will “Sye Raa” break “Baahubali” records?

Poll Do You Think Sye Raa Will Break Baahubali Records

The humongous success of Baahubali series has taken the stamina of Telugu film to the international level. The impact of Baahubali was so huge that it even crossed the records of all three Khan movies of Bollywood and stood on the top, and made the North Film Industry, look towards South.

Now, as Sye Raa being the periodical subject like Baahubali and is made on a massive scale, the project has acquired a quite significance even in other languages. So a few opine that the film has every chance to cross the records of Baahubali, but a few others laugh at it and say that it is not possible for any other film in the near future, to touch the record of Baahubali.

What do you have to say about this? Do you think Sye Raa breaks Baahubali records?

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