Poll: Which aspect of Sye Raa, are you looking forward to?

Poll: Which Aspect Of Sye Raa, Are You Looking Forward To?

Generally, when a film is of huge size and that too a periodic-based, the makers will make sure that it will contain all the popular ingredients like war sequences, songs, background scores, huge casting and many more. After Baahubali, it is Sye Raa, that it anticipated to make it exceptionally big at the box office.

The pre-released trailers and teasers, already hinted that Sye Raa is going to be a pro in all the aspects. The movie is scheduled for a massive release on October 2nd amidst the huge expectations among the mega fans and also movie lovers.

what do you think about Sye Raa and which aspect are you looking forward to, in the magnum opus?

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