NGK movie review and rating

Suriya Ngk Telugubulletin
Suriya NGK Movie Release Today Posters

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Sri Raghava

Producers: SR Prakash Babu, SR Prabhu

Dialogues: Rajesh Murthy

Camera: Shivakumar Vijayan

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Casting: Suriya, Sai Pallavi, Rakul Preeth Singh

Release date: 31 – 05 – 2019

Rating: 2 / 5


Nanda Gopal Krishna (NGK), who completed (Agriculture) works in abroad for some time and comes back to India to concentrate on organic farming in his village. But a few of the people related to an MLA, who were against the act, destroy the crops and also warns the villagers. NGK then approaches the MLA for his support, but the latter who agrees to support, asks something in return. Aggrieved over the system, NGK then enters into politics. He initially accompanies an MLA to learn the politics and faces several issues. How did NGK overcome all such problems and moved forward is what the rest of the film talks about.


NGK is not a film that a star like Suriya should pick. He came up with a top notch performance that is not deserved for a film like NGK. Sai Pallavi plays the role of a housewife and her character is restricted to few scenes. Rakul on the other hand, has got a good role to play in the film. It is for the first time, she is playing a role of this kind. Rest other roles are not up to the mark.

Coming to the technical department, one among three songs in the film is good and the background score given by Yuvan Shankar Raja is disappointing this time. Vijay Shiva Kumar’s cinematography is average and so the editing. Production values are decent.

Selva Raghavan, who is known for different kind of films, came up with a done to death formulaic film like NGK. Regular story, screenplay, no twists makes the film boring throughout. Not even a single shot, where Selva’s taking can be observed in the film, which is what disappoints the audience.


The filmmaker is of the opinion that the political party activists are slaves, but in reality, they are the ones who are playing strategies to make it big in the politics. A common man aiming to become a Chief Minister is good, but the director failed in narrating the point with an engaging screenplay. Selva Raghavan could have made the film keeping in mind Suriya’s image. But the boring scenes and outdated narration tests the patience of the audience, watching the film in the theatre.


NGK- boring to the core.