Naidu trolls Jagan, but faces backlash

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TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu is leaving no stone unturned to target Andhra Pradesh government.

There were several instances in the past, where YSRCP as an opposition party, trolled Naidu in TDP’s regime. Jagan and his party leaders called Amaravati as Bhramaravati, alleging that there was no notable development in the proposed capital city. Reminding the same, Naidu now took jibe on the ruling party leaders on his official Twitter account.

Tweeting a few of the pictures of key administrative buildings in Amaravati, where they are decorated in tricolours on the eve of the Independence Day, Naidu wrote, “God has written the perfect script. He made those who mocked, saying it’s not Amaravati but just graphics and ‘Bhramaravati’ (illusion) to illuminate it beautifully with their own hands.”

While the TDP activists showered praises on Naidu for his sarcastic tweet, the YSRCP activists on the social media ridiculed the tweet saying that the development is not just constructing a few buildings. They also reminded about Naidu’s statement, where he earlier promised to comment on the new government, only after 100 days of its ruling in the state.

However, it is quite common for the state government to decorate the capital city and other parts of the state, on the special days like Independence day. So Naidu’s latest comment may not be maintainable.