LGM Review: Unworthy drama, weak comedy

LGM Review: Unworthy drama, weak comedy
Movie Name LGM
Star Cast Harish Kalyan, Ivana, Yogi Babu
Director Ramesh Thamilmani
Producer Sakshi Dhoni
Run Time 2h 19m
Release Date 4 Aug, 2023

The Tamil version of ‘Let’s Get Married (LGM)’ was released in theatres last week. This week, it is the turn of the Telugu version. MS Dhoni’s wife has produced the movie. Let’s find out what is good and what is bad in the movie.


Gautham (Harish Kalyan) and Meera (Ivana) are lovers who decide to get married. But before the wedding, Meera wants to spend some me-time with Gautham’s widowed mom Leela (Nadhiya). This proposal is rejected outright by the conservative Leela. Gautham makes a plan and somehow makes his mother embark on a trip to Coorg. Leela is shocked to find that Meera and her family have also been invited to the trip. In the course of the next week or so, some tectonic changes happen in the equations between Meera and Leela. This affects Gautham’s relationship with Meera.


Harish Kalyan, like most of the other male characters in the film, sports a beard. Most of his expressions are invisible. He appears as if he has come straight from the sets of a heavy-duty emotional drama. There is no joy on his face. Fittingly, Meera looks as if she has been asked to look irked in all scenes. When she smiles, she appears artificial.

The lackluster production values and the equally lackluster appearances of the lead pair go hand in hand. For a rom-com, it is essential for the lead pair to appear lovely.

Nadiya of ‘Attarintiki Daredi’ fame is good in some scenes. Yogi Babu draws some laughs. The rest of the actors are totally unfamiliar to the Telugu audience. RJ Vijay, VTV Ganesh, Venkat Prabhu (as the hero’s boss), and others are also seen.

Technical Departments:

Ramesh Thamilmani’s music is average when it comes to background score. The songs don’t make any impact. Viswajith Odukkathil’s cinematography is below par. Pradeep E Ragav’s editing is poor.

Plus Points:

  • The premise of a bride-to-be wanting to spend time with her future in-law.
  • The interval scene where emotions click.

Minus Points:

  • The entire second half.
  • Arbitrary scenes with no bearing on the central conflict.
  • Weak climax.
  • Unconvincing dialogues between the lovers.
  • The tiger track
  • The ashram episode
  • Silly comedy.

Verdict: If ever there was a film that gets every aspect of a relationship drama wrong, it is ‘LGM’. Avoid it.

Telugubulletin.com Rating: 2/5

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