Samantha – Sharwanand’s Jaanu Movie Review

Samantha – Sharwanand’s Jaanu Movie Review
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Star Cast :Sharwanand, Samantha
Director: C Prem Kumar
Producer: Dil Raju
Run Time: 150 Minutes
Release date: February 7th, 2020


Samantha and Sharwanand have teamed up for the film Jaanu which is an official remake of Tamil cult classic ’96. C Prem Kumar who directed the original has handled this remake as well. Dil Raju has produced this movie with many guts. Let us see how the movie is..

What about story ? 

Ram (Sharwanand) is a photographer by profession. While travelling through his home town he visits his school and feels nostalgic. He along with his close friends plans a re union where Janaki (Samantha) also comes. While in the school Ram and Janaki (Jaanu) shares some beautiful love moments. Some how they lose each other.

What happens when they meet after 17 long years. What will they share between themselves. What circumstances separate them. To find out the answers watch the movie on big screen.

How about On-Screen Stars performance ?

Comparisons apart Sharwanand did his best in the role of Ram. But undoubtedly one can say Samantha steals the show. We all know what a good actress she is and nonchalantly she presents another new dimension as Jaanu. Her emotions towards interval where she comes to know that Ram remained unmarried, pre climax and climax are top notch. Sharwanand emotes well too. However he has limited dialogues and mostly his expressions speak. He has done a decent job.

Special mention should go to childhood actors Gauri Kishan and Sai Kiran. Most of the first half runs on them and they did a fantastic job. They set up the ‘feel’ factor very nicely. Raghu Babu, Sharanya Pradeep, Vennela Kishore have done well in their limited roles. Others are fine.

How about off Screen Talents ?

Story line of Jaanu is simple and predictable but the emotions drive the film beautifully. There is always this ‘feel’ factor in the film and credit must go to C Prem Kumar for conceiving such a sensible plot. Cinematography by Mahendiran Jeyaraju is excellent. Every frame and every scene was shot in such a poetic way that we feel like we are live watching the scenes. Music by Govind Vasanatha has a fresh factor and all the songs carried the emotions very well. His music complemented Mahendiran’s visuals very well. His Background music touches your heart. Editing by Praveen KL is smooth and have no flaws.

Coming back to director C Prem Kumar, he goes with slow narration both in Tamil and Telugu. However, with Tamil version audience got connected to the movie within 10 minutes of the movie but that is not the case here. In Telugu, it takes its own sweet time to gets connected. That’s why slow narration becomes a hurdle. But once emotions get connected with childhood scenes, audience feel that the movie is in its elements. Dialogues could have been better.

What’s Hot ? 

Samantha’s impressive performance

Child hood scenes

Gauri – Sai Kiran’s performance

Magic created by Samantha and Sharwanand

Heart touching emotional pre climax

Easily relatable story line

Govind Vasanatha’s music and BGM

Top notch visuals

What’s Not  ?

Slow narration

Boring scenes here and there

Magic not re created to full extent when compared to the original


A soulful love saga. Jaanu is such a movie which runs mainly on performances and emotions. It’s an honest attempt and the director is able to recreate the magic of the original to an extent. While the performances portion is well matched, emotions failed to match the extent of the original. Overall Jaanu is worth a watch for its high end performances and technical values.

Immediate reaction at Intermission: A good first half which leaves you intriguing on what happens next and wanting for more.. Although first half started off slow, School episodes and Reunion episodes are good. One will only see Ram and Jaanu characters, not the stars Samantha and Sharwanand.

Immediate reaction at end credits:

A Poignant love story. Audience will come out with a heavy heart but convinced.

Watch or Not? 

Worth it, If you haven’t watched the original 

Box Office Status:  

Jaanu is a slow paced movie which works mainly with urban audiences. Though the story line is universal and highly relatable, classy touch to the narration makes it limited to few sections of the audiences. Jaanu tried to match the might of ’96 but could only succeed to some extent. Box Office performance of the film depends on how all sections of audience receive this movie. It has a stiff target ahead. We have to wait and see. Rating: 3/5

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7:40 CST: Climax time.. Its Samantha’s show in the climax episode..we will not reveal the climax for viewers benefit..Comeback and refresh this page in 2-3 hours for comprehensive Jaanu Movie review..Thanks

7:30 CST: Its all about Ram and Jaanu in the second half.. One might feel a tad bit lengthy after the students episode..But director is successful in maintaining the curiosity of the audience, “do they meet at the end?”

7:15 CST: Scenes leading to “oohale oohale” songs are good. Jaanu shares their love story with Ram’s students

7:01 CST: Ram and Jaanu share each other stories. Their conversational scenes have a good feel, but narration is bit slow..Sharwa and Samantha slayed it with their performances..Movie has a magical feel to it to some extent.. Need to wait and see if Prem Kumar continues this till the end..

6:50 CST: Jaanu tells her story to Ram and how she did not forget him..As one would expect, Samantha impresses with her performance

6:42 CST: Director did a good job with casting, as both young Ram and Young Jaanu look similar to Sharwa and Samantha..They acted well too..

6:36 CST: Second half stars with a feel good scene between Ram and Jaanu. Another scene where Ram gets his beard trim is nice..

First half report: A good first half which leaves you intriguing on what happens next and wanting for more.. Although first half started off slow, School episodes and Reunion episodes are good. One will only see Ram and Jaanu characters, not the stars Samantha and Sharwanand..

6:25 CST: Jaanu is shocked as she gets to know that Ram is still unmarried..Interval time

6:22 CST: A really good nostalgic feel scene where Jaanu sings a song that Ram asks for..Movie is in its elements now..

6:14 CST: Feel good scenes are on between Ram and  Jaanu as they meet after 17yrs in reunion party

6:08 CST: Flashback scenes are on from Samantha’s perspective..Ram leaves the school as their family moves to Hyderabad from Vizag

6:04 CST: Samantha’s entry is simple and classy. She joins the school reunion party.. BGM sets the mood as all her friends wait for her.. Vennela Kishore and Saranya entry with some subtle comedy is on now..

5:55 CST: The episode where Jaanu doesn’t come to school for 4 days is really good..One need to appreciate the director for clean romantic narration between the high schoolers without crossing the line

5:48 CST: School scenes are good with Young Ram and Young Jaanu.. Feel good scenes where old friends meet up brings some laughter are going on now..

5:40 CST: Ram comes to know that Jannu is also invited for the 15yrs school meet. Flashback time..

5:32 CST: Varsha Bollamma entry as Ram’s photography student. Ram feels nostalgic after visiting his school. School friends plan for a meet after 15 yrs

5:25 CST: Ram teaches Photography. He goes to his home town (and visits his school to cherish old memories) on his way back from a photography trip..

5:15 CST: Movie started with “Life of Ram” song in Kenya..Look out for best nature visuals in the recent times.. Sirivennala lyrics inline with the visuals and Tune is great..Sharwa (Ram) looks rustic as a wildlife photographer

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Sharwanand – Samantha’s Jaanu movie preview

Dil Raju for the first time in his career spanning 17 years is attempting a remake with Jaanu. It is known that the film is remake to Tamil’s cult classic 96. Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha have featured in the original. Based on a heart touching love story, Jaanu progresses. Emotional conflict between the lead pair is said to be the highlight in the movie. Jaanu has had decent buzz among the audiences, thanks to its feel good songs and promos.

School age lovers who face each other after many years in school re union is the basic backdrop of the movie. Director C Prem Kumar has dealt the story with utmost conviction. Emotions flow through the movie. Will Telugu version recreate the magic Tamil version did is the main question.

Jaanu is releasing in decent amount of theaters. In above theaters in Telugu states the film will be screened. The film has done a business of around 21 Crores. Will this feel good love story recover this investment and bring smiles in the movie unit has to be seen. Directed by C Prem Kumar, Govind Vasantha has composed music.

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