India Ranks in top 20 list of Coronavirus?

New Virus In China – Rapidly Spreading In Asia

After the SARS outbreak that had shaken the world with biological terror, this the first time again when world united with a universal threat. That is Coronavirus. It did not take under two weeks for this deadly virus to spread its tentacles to more than two-dozens of countries. But amongst those, where does India stand in the list?

It stands at 17th position. Then who stands first? It’s China. Then Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, America, Vietnam, Malasia, Singapore, Cambodia are in the later ranks. While Thailand has 2.1% of threat, India has about 0.2% of threat to the viral infection.

It is understood that the virus has spread the most to those countries to where many travelers are there regularly from China. Let’s understand this in a better way. For example if there are 1000 travelers from an airport of China. There are at least 2 people who go to Germany. This way, it makes it 0.2% chances of threat to Germany.

Airports are believed to be the ones with most threat from Coronavirus. Delhi’s Indhiragandhi International Airport has 0.066%, Mumbai’s Chathrapathi International Airport has 0.034%, Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport has 0.024% of threat. While other cities that has slight chances are Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kochi.