In-Talk: Corona Virus fever in Tanuku, West Godavari

New Virus In China – Rapidly Spreading In Asia

Corona Virus death toll crossed 1000 and China witness 100 deaths of infected people in a single day. Corona Virus is spreading all over the world at rapid rate and the medicine for this is not yet in the market.

Corona Virus has been the hot topic in the Indian media and this fever is seen in Tanuku, West Godavari. Due to some unknown issue, the cocks and the hens in Tanuku were dying. A rumor raised in the locals that the reason for the death is Corona Virus. Sales of Chicken fell down and it is impacting the poultry business in the region.

Officials conformed that it is not Corona Virus which is causing the death but some other unknown issue. As lot of people are migrating to India from the Corona impacted place, people need to maintain good hygiene and precautions to stay away from the virus. Stay tuned for more updates.