Exclusive: Dil Raju’s master strategy works

Dil RajuProducer Dil Raju and the media always shared a blow hot blow cold relationship. It began with the publicity of DJ.

The producer expected the media to give good ratings to his film but the media ripped it apart with bad reviews after the morning show.

Ever since he began nurturing grudge against them and stopped giving gifts in the form of ‘cover’ that is popularly known to grease the hands of the media.

He even stopped hiring anchors and began anchoring his press meets citing it a waste of money.

The media, in turn, distanced from him and gave Hello Guru Prema Kosame poor rating despite the film doing average business at the box office.

Recently the media decided to bury the hatchet and approached Dil Raju for a favor.

The Newscasters Association compromising of websites and electronic media and PROs asked Dil Raju for a donation and he in turn without thinking twice gave them a whopping 18 Lakhs for their insurance cover.

They were a delighted lot, now we got to see if Dil Raju’s films will receive positive reviews and ratings from websites and channels.