Corona Virus is ‘killing’ Valentine’s day

Corona Virus Is ‘killing’ Valentine’s Day

The life-threatening Corona Virus has done enough damage and it has been spread to 20 different countries since its emergence. Everyone in those countries is in fear of its infection. Hundreds of people have been killed by this deadly virus and above 98% of the deceased are in China.

This virus first emerged in China’s Wuhan meat market and even though China claimed that the Virus can be curbed and controlled, other countries are not in the situation to believe their words. Hence, the respective countries are warning their citizens not to celebrate tomorrow’s valentine’s day.

As Corona is a type of SARS respiratory syndrome, it spreads with the droplets of the infected human body and they asked their citizens to prevent kissing and close contact with their loved ones for the sake of their life. The researchers suggested the people stay home instead of roaming on streets with your loved ones and strictly advised to avoid restaurants.

But staying in on this special day does not have to be a drab occasion. There are still ways to celebrate without leaving your home. And with online shopping, you can have practically any gift imaginable shipped right to your doorstep.