Bigg Boss: Sreemukhi pulling it too far

Sreemukhi and Rahul Sipligunj, who entered into the Bigg Boss house as good friends, eventually turned out to be enemies. While Rahul is quite frequently trying to solve the issue, Srimukhi is avoiding the playback singer.

Initially, Sreemukhi always wanted to be in the good books of Rahul and acted in the similar manner. But Rahul quire frequently targeted the star host, for which she was aggrieved and had since then, targeting him.

After Nagarjuna severely went against Rahul for using cuss words against Sreemukhi, the singer might have understood that the things are going in favor of the star host outside the house. So, he has been since then, acting in favor of her and trying to sort out the issue. Even in the latest episode, Sreemukhi tried her best in stopping Rahul from becoming a captain, by extending full support to Ali Reza.

While the housemates are discussing about the problems in the house with the new captain, Sreemukhi indirectly targeted Rahul, saying that there are few people in the house, who show discrimination and try to handle only few in a different way. Though Rahul initially argued with Sreemukhi on the issue, he later spoke to her personally and apologized for one more time.

But Sreemukhi is not at all in a mood to get convinced with Rahul and thus said, “I may forgive you now, but I am going to nominate you, till you walk out of the house.”

These comments have received severe flak from the netizens, and most of them are against the star host, in spite of the numerous attempts of the playback singer, to sort out the issue with Sreemukhi.

Sreemukhi is losing the sympathy she gained, when Rahul attacked her and is thus becoming a target to the audiences.