YS Jagan’s Ugadhi target – 24 lakh houses!

Cheif Minister YS Jagan’s bridge course for Government school students

YSRC and YS Jagan are not stepping back in making people feel good about the way they are introducing the schemes. After touching farmers, unemployed, students and the patients, YS Jagan is coming up with a new target for Ugadhi.

As per the latest updates, YS Jagan is aiming to give the papers for 24 lakh houses for the needy. Speaking to the media, YS Jagan mentioned that the society needs to be balanced and equal opportunity needs to be there for the needy. To achieve this, YS Jagan decided to help the needy with 24 lakh houses and the target is fixed for Ugadhi.

YSRC stated that 46 lakh farmers were enjoying the benefits of the Raithu Bharosa scheme and more than 4 lakh jobs were created to the unemployed. Few thousands of schools were getting renovated and skill development centres were being established to bridge the gap between college and the industry. Stay tuned for further updates on the schemes and targets of YS Jagan.