You can do Tik-Tok videos on Instagram from now on

You Can Do Tik-tok Videos On Instagram From Now On

Today, those persons are who don’t know about the trending and the revolutionary lip-syncing face application on the internet, Tik Tok. Its unique features and representation along with the fame either wanted or unwanted it brought among the citizens made the youth go gaga over this application.

Even there are many applications that resemble Tik Tok, the name it earned is still a difficult ask for the others in the near future. But it doesn’t a problem for the No.1 social media giant which did shake the whole internet 8 years ago. It is none other than the synonym of social media, Facebook.

One of its subsidiaries, Instagram has rolled out new editing features for Boomerangs, including the SlowMo effect, similar to TikTok. Users can also add the “Echo” blurring and “Duo” rapid rewind special effects to their Boomerangs and trim their lengths as well. While Echo helps create a ‘double vision’ effect, Duo affects the speed of the Boomerang and adds a ‘texturized effect’ at the end.

With trimming, users can edit the length of their Boomerang from when it starts or ends. In addition to these new features, the classic Boomerang effect is still available on Instagram Stories. Also, these features are available only on Instagram Stories and not the Boomerang app.