YCP goonda raj to make Andhra a dangerous place soon?

Ysrcp Telugu Bulletin

What would a diverse state like Andhra Pradesh expect from the party to which they handed 86% of their assembly seats in general elections? Exactly not the underwent inhuman incident that occurred yesterday in Kakinada. As soon as YSRCP secured a landslide victory, many people said that the ‘Rowdy Rajyam’ will begin in Andhra Pradesh.

Though the YSRCP party activists created some tense situations on the voting day, that comment remained as an exaggeration in the first six months. But, it wouldn’t last too long.

The clash erupted while the Jana Sena leaders tried to hold protests at YCP MLA Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy’s residence for foul mouthing against Pawan Kalyan. Is a protest a sign of violence? Definitely not.

The YSRCP activists turned the fight on and the way they disrespect the women in streets and some of them didn’t even bother to hit the women in public states us how humiliating the state has become.

Already several YSRCP leaders are the talks of political circles for their abusing, derogatory comments and romantic audio clips.

Some victims from the spot said that the YSRCP activists have already been agitated with the ongoing proceedings in the state and even argued that they can’t even be touched till Jagan sits in the CM Chair.

Is this the trust and faith that a CM should ensure his followers. Until now, Jagan hasn’t spelt a little word out on this issue. What is the mirror view of this behaviour being the highest authority in the state? One thing is sure that there are more panicking moments awaiting Andhra Pradesh.