Why is KCR silent on Priyanka Reddy’s murder?

The residence of veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy has been locked. Right after the horrifying incident took place, it has become the major topic in both local and national media.

The protesters across the nation wide are condemning the murder and are demanding to hang the culprits with no mercy. While the issue is creating every sort of disturbance across the country, surprisingly Telangana Chief Minister KCR is maintaining silence for the reasons best known to himself.

The protesters locked Priyanka Reddy’s residence unwilling to allow politicians and media to speak to Priyanka’s family members. They are finding fault with KCR’s silence on the issue.

This is not the first time for CM maintaining silence. Several incidents in the recent past like the biodiversity flyover accident, metro rail accident and several such accident that shook Telangana has surprisingly did not get any attention from KCR. The TRS government has also earned huge negativity with TSRTC strike that continued for over 50 days. So it seems, that it is high time for the CM to realize before things go worse.