Why High Court asked KCR to “Have patience”?

Why High Court Asked Kcr To “have Patience”?

From many months this proposal for a new secretariat has taken speed and KCR is very keen on this move. But he is facing multiple challenges on this ever since.

Now, the High Court of Telangana has given a stay order to KCR government to not demolish the existing Secretariat buildings.

On Wednesday evening, a Panel of Judges chaired by CJ Raghavendar Singh Chouhan has made this decision very clear.

It was not even three weeks ago that High Court has given green signal to KCR to go ahead with new designs for the new Secretariat. Then what could be the reason behind this sudden change of plans?

During the process of hearing, the Judges Panel had made very severe remarks on KCR. “Why are the designs not ready yet? Are all the aspects of new construction approvals and budgets ready? When there is so much of advanced technology available, still why is it so hard to complete designs?

When nothing is ready and finalized yet, what is the hurry in demolishing the existing Secretariat buildings? First get all the above ready and then think of what to do with old infrastructure.”, clarified the Judge Panel to the Lawyer defending from the Government side.

What happened behind the scenes? KCR decided to build new secretariat in the same place of old secretariat in Tank Bund. He had shifted all the departments to BRK Bhavan and other places accordingly for the same.

But Congress MP Revanth Reddy, Rtd Professor Visweswar Rao and Judge T.Rajinikanth had appealed separately in the High Court on giving stay order on demolition of Secretariat buildings. That is why High Court had no choice as designs were not yet ready to give permission.