Why 151 are afraid about 1?

New Makeover Loading For Pawan Kalyan!

In the 2019 assembly elections, everyone thought that Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena would evolve as a force to reckon in the state. But the unexpected has happened where YSRCP secured a landslide victory with 151 seats. The Janasena party just confined with 1 seat where Rapaka Varaprasad rough till the end.

After that, Jagan’s YSRCP targeted Janasena like no one else. The TDP is being ignored by the ruling party and they are just going kith and kin with Pawan’s party. Even from the pre-poll period, YSRCP alleged that Janasena is in secret merger with the CBN’s TDP. They constantly brought bad fame for the Pawan Kalyan with their baseless allegations.

Now, as the alliance is formed between BJP and Janasena, the YSRCP has no chance to slam Janasena like before. As both Janasena and BJP clarified that they are not going to join TDP at any cost, YSRCP has no clue what is going to happen in the state.

The party with 151 seats is desperate to downtrodden the party with 1 seat. They are considering Janasena as a formidable threat for their decentralization of the capital and with BJP in the alliance, the party people are going bonkers. However, the future consequences in the state are going to be interesting with the alliance.