What is the next crucial step of ABV ? Will he irk CBN ?

What Is The Next Crucial Step Of Abv ? Will He Irk Cbn ?

Former Chief of the Intelligence department, AB Venkateswara Rao received suspension from the IPS post indefinitely. In May, soon after the YSRCP government came into power, he received a temporary suspension and was being interrogated on several charges.

Reportedly, he committed to abuse of power in the deal that includes a major Izrael company that handles the intelligence and surveillance of a particular sector.

He was even charged for supplying shoddy security devices to the intelligence department and was severely accused of sharing highly confidential information with a foreign company.

After faced a temporary suspension of 8 months and serving his probation period, recently, came to know that he was suspended indefinitely.

The YSRCP leaders accused him for working for TDP in Naidu’s term by helping them in party internal affairs and also for the private information of the YSRCP leaders which comes under the conflict of interest.

Now, after his suspension, if Chandra Babu Naidu feels that his presence in the party brings no threat, we can see Venkateswara Rao in yellow colours in no time.

He has very good idea on the functioning of the government and his knowledge in the intelligence department would come handy at times. Barring the differences he has with several leaders there are very likely chances of AB joining TDP.